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Prelude of Dawn
It's always darkest before the Dawn
[REQUEST] Closed 
Mar 02 11
Prelude of Dawn

  • Comment with either a theme colour (ex: red) or a interest theme idea (ex: tea cup)
  • You can post more than one suggestions but I'll only take one from your list
  • Post will closed after the first 10 comments or 24 hours
  • 5 icons will be made per person (aka theme)
  • Yes, you can reserve a spot by commenting with your username
  • All icons will be shareable
  • Icons will be posted within a week after closure


  1. liedownlovely
  2. satya
  3. angel_katchan
  4. syri_chii
  5. phchiu
  6. cat_on_my_lap
  7. hamarakissa
  8. haumea
  9. erkn
  10. fafa_folle
(Deleted comment)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Interesting themes you've got there :)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
I'd love to reserve a spot.

Can it be fandom related?
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Sure. I prefer stock, but I'll accept fandom.
I won't refuse your request because of that ;)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
I absolutely adore the picture you used in the thank you. I should be thanking you though. The work you do on these icons is amazing.

I would like to request castles, please.
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Thanks! I wanted to use an owl picture (it's the comm mascott XD). While browsing the net, I ended up on that picture and had to use it.

Thanks a lot *hugs*
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
hi. I just love your works so I'm trying my luck since I myself can't make lovely icons like yours.

I'm always fascinated with fireworks and/or rain.
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Thank you!

I like your themes, especially the fireworks one.
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Pearls! I can never find good images or icons.
It can include watches and stuff with it. :)
Thank you and congrats!
Hope I'm not too late

If pearls is too hard or you don't like it. I'm also going to throw out smoke (no people smoking though!) or a light theme (do it the way you'd interpret it).
This is exciting, it's usually me taking requests. haha

Edited at 2011-03-03 02:06 am (UTC)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
I'll try to find good pictures of pearls ;)

Haha! Yeah, usually it is the other way around.
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
May I request a icons of lambs?
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Certainly :)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Love your icons always! The colors are just amazing <3

Sunsets with people or animals


Inspirational Happiness

<3 Thank you and congrats!
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Thanks a lot <3

I love sunset with people/animals!
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
I would love something to do with eyeshadow or lipstick. I just love makeup.

Your icons are always beautiful, so I hope these interest you as well. :)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
It's noted ;)

Thanks! I'm not fussy, anything suggested is going to be fun to icons.
(Deleted comment)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
Super orange it shall be ;)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
oh that's interesting!
mmmh i'll say books + glasses (sorry not very orginal :'D)
i just want to add that i love your icons <3 thank you ;)
Mar 03 11 (UTC)
i forgot xD i love your banner, i have the same owl necklace :3 (sorry for the spam :'D)
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