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Prelude of Dawn
It's always darkest before the Dawn
[ANNOUNCEMENT] About the requests 
Mar 12 11
Prelude of Dawn
I haven't been feeling too well lately, plus my week was booked with several appointments without counting the usual headache that University tends to be... All this to say, I wasn't able to complete the requests yet. I just want to let you know that I will finish them. The problem is, I'm not sure exactly when is this going to happen. I'm truly sorry. I'll keep you updated on the matter. But from what I can see, they should be done next weekend. Once again, sorry about the delay =/
Mar 12 11 (UTC)
I'm sure that everyone understands. Life and health takes precedence over online icons.

Do what you need to do, I'm pretty sure we aren't going anywhere. :)

Take care.
Mar 13 11 (UTC)
Oh. It's okay. We understand. :)

Take your time and please do get some rest too. ♥
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